TV deal is good for our soccer

SuperSport's takeover of soccer broadcasting rights from the SABC is a major breakthrough for the development of football in the country.

SuperSport will broadcast a whopping 126 PSL games per season, unlike the paltry 75 that the SABC broadcasted in previous seasons. Wednesday and Friday fixtures will also be shown live, unlike during the SABC's tenure, when it was the exception.

The multimillion-rand deal will increase the monthly grants for PSL teams, which means better salaries and incentives for players.

The transfer market will be competitive as poorer teams will be able to keep their star players.

Mvela teams will also gain more exposure with the increase in their broadcasted games. Although it is undebatable that only the privileged minority have access to SuperSport, soccer is the ultimate beneficiary.

The SABC has fed us mediocre soccer broadcasting, including delayed games. It has betrayed our soccer-loving nation by failing to offer the PSL what it is worth.

If the SABC is concerned about the "poorest of the poor", it should have submitted its bid in time. If the SABC wants to retain its status as credible public broadcaster, it must surpass SuperSport's offer.

Solly Malatsi,

DA Youth, Limpopo