Sponsors save tour

Mcelwa Nchabeleng

Mcelwa Nchabeleng

Cash-strapped Softball South Africa (SSA) has thanked its provinces, individual sponsors and parents for financial assistance for the junior national squad to compete in the Under-19 World Junior Ladies Championship in the Netherlands.

"Our team is taking part in the tournament and this could not have been possible had our provinces not helped us in this regard," Guillo "S'Dumo" Marapyane, SSA's president, said yesterday.

"It is also good for softball to see parents supporting their children to compete in the sport. The same goes to companies who assist us. It is the first time that our ladies take part in the competition and we hope they will make an impressive debut."

South Africa was due to meet Holland in the opening match of the event late yesterday. They face Chinese Taipei today, Germany tomorrow, New Zealand on Sunday, China on Monday and Venezuela on Tuesday when they rap up the round-robbin stage.

The squad: Felicia Mokhufu, Andri Beyers, Megan Cable, Lauren Mulder, Jacky Adonis, Nawaal Nacerodien, Busi Dukwe, Natalie Cronje, Amy Campbell, Salome Matabadzindi, Marizaan Henning, Jenne-Lee Pelser, Jade Abbott, Lisa Erasmus, Harlaine Jacobs, Leone van Vuuren and Lara Erasmus.