SABC shows what a circus it is by firing Marawa

On Monday, we all switched on the Metro FM Discovery Sport and some strange voice was on air. The person had no clue about football.

He asked PSL life president Leepile Taunyane, "Which teams are playing this year's Telkom Charity Cup?"

He obviously didn't have a clue as to how the competition works.

On Tuesday, yet another voice was heard, that of Romy Titus, who had no idea how to run the programme. For the entire hour she spoke only of the Sundowns-Barcelona game.

But, for crying out loud, there was also a final taking place between Amazulu and Tuks, a game of great importance on the PSL calendar.

Titus didn't allow anyone to raise any issue outside the Sundowns-Barcelona game and cut off anyone who did.

On Wednesday, we woke up to the news that the best sports presenter in the land, Robert Marawa, had been fired by the SABC.

Many talented crowd pullers have been lost by SABC. Where is this organisation going?

I would like to say bravo to the PSL for saving their brand from such a circus. Marawa is no doubt the best sports presenter we have in this country.

He can easily talk about rugby, cricket, boxing and athletics with the same confidence as when he talks about local, continental and international football.

Sindiso Malaku, Johannesburg