Dog unearths man

Themba Molefe

Themba Molefe

How do you react when your faithful dog appears from the back yard with human bones dressed in male underwear and a shirt?

Overawed is the wrong word. Shocked would be more like it.

That is what happened when a Fox Lake, Soweto family, who chose to remain unnamed, made the unnerving discovery this week.

Police were immediately alerted and unearthed further bones buried in a shallow grave in the back yard.

"It is not yet known how long the person had been buried but the bones had no flesh," said police Captain Lindiwe Mbatha.

She said there had been a stench coming from the grave.

The bones have now been taken away for forensic testing. But what happens in the meantime?

One suggestion would be calling for the intervention of paleo-anthropologist Phillip Tobias.

The honourable professor might discover the human fossil of Fox Lake to be the eighth wonder of the world. Who knows?