Death for man-eating lions

Chester Makana

Chester Makana

The Limpopo department of economic development and environmental affairs yesterday said plans were under way to kill the two lions that mauled to death a Zimbabwean man who trespassed on the Lunkin farm in Mudimeli, outside Musina, two weeks ago.

Departmental spokesman Lehlogonolo Masoga said the plan had been recommended by Green Scorpions police and wildlife experts who had visited the farm on Wednesday.

Dakarai Simoi, 21, and his brother, Paul, 17, both crossed the border from Zimbabwe illegally and were travelling on foot through the farm.

There are a number of lions on the farm.

The animals charged at the brothers, killing the elder man instantly. His younger brother escaped by climbing into a tree.

Paul says he is still haunted by images of his elder brother being mauled to death by the lions.

Masoga said the recommendations had pointed out that should wild animals taste human flesh the chances of them developing a taste for more of the same were high.

"We met with the farm owner and workers at the farm to warn them of the danger of keeping the animals under such conditions," said Masoga.

He said they had unanimously agreed to put the animals down.

According to Masoga, the Green Scorpion police also found that the farm owner had met all the safety requirements to keep lions on his farm.

"It was only unfortunate that the victim and his brother jumped an electrified fence and ended up being mauled to death by the lions," said Masoga.