Bravo to SuperSport

Now that it is payback time, the SABC cries foul. No ways!

Now that it is payback time, the SABC cries foul. No ways!

People must wake up to the SABC group CEO's real intentions and stop jumping to conclusions because of his empty utterances and outbursts. It is now clear to the soccer-loving nation that we have been robbed and cheated over the years.

How many of us knew that there are more than 250 games played under the PSL every year and only a third of those have been on TV and not all of them live, as we expected?

Did many of you who are calling the deal a sham know that the very same SuperSport bought rights from the very same SABC to broadcast some of the games we've seen on Wednesdays?

Don't be fooled by calls made by some of the organisations that are now crying foul now that the PSL has woken up to reality and has teamed up with a media house that values its worth. As for the artists who were shown on SABC news complaining about the PSL- SuperSport deal, shame on you.

You used the time for your meeting with the SABC to talk about issues that are far from you. You should focus on exposing SABC DJs and producers who demand cash from you in order to play your music on radio and TV. You are as much victims of the laughable SABC.

People who look at this deal as a positive step realise that our game is now being taken seriously.

Lehlohonolo Ditsheho,

SARS Alberton