Girl, 10, lured to rape with sweets

Sakhile Mokoena

Sakhile Mokoena

A Mpumalanga teenager accused of raping a 10-year-old girl has shocked the girl's parents by saying she had asked him for sweets in exchange for sex.

The 14-year-old-boy from Naas township outside Malelane was surprised by a domestic worker while allegedly raping the girl at her parents' house at the weekend.

The domestic worker informed the girl's mother, who was at work, and she immediately called the police, who arrested the teenager.

Police spokesman Mzwandile Nyambi said yesterday the boy was arrested on Monday but was released into the custody of his parents.

The boy claimed he had told the girl that he did not have sweets to give her, but she had said he could bring them later when they were available. She had then agreed to have sex.

Last year, two boys aged 11 and 12 from a primary school in the same area were accused of raping a fellow pupil.

They allegedly raped a 10-year-old girl from the same school.

The boys reportedly grabbed her during break and raped her at the home of one of the boys while the parents were at work.

Nyambi said the police would embark on a campaign to educate the community about the dangers of exposing children to pornography.

Childline South Africa and other children's organisations blamed these incidents on the exposure of children to pornography.