Fashion glamour coming up roses

Gugu Sibiya

Gugu Sibiya

While ordinary folks duck and dive the worst of the August dust, fashionistas dressed to the nines will be comfortably ensconced at a to-die-for fashion show from August 29 to September 1.

One of the most important dates on the calendar, the Sanlam SA Fashion Week (SSAFW)at the Sandton Convention Centre, is bound to attract the beautiful people of Gauteng to its summer collections.

The official tea and hospitality partner, Five Roses, is sponsoring the student design competition, as well as the Sarah Webber, Jacky Lucking and Palesa Tshukudu fashion shows.

With all the elegance, warmth and style long associated with tea, the brand celebrates the little things that take an occasion out of the ordinary realm and into the spectacular, much like the show-stopping designs of some of South Africa's finest fashion names at SSAFW.

Tea and iced tea will be served in the VIP areas and media lounge. Five Roses will also sponsor the high teas hosted at the shows in Durban and Cape Town.

Anneleigh Jacobsen, senior brand manager for Five Roses, said: "We took our first step into the world of fashion last year with our debut sponsorship at SSAFW.

"It was quite a daring step. We did a lot of work driving home the message of where tea fits into fashion - and the qualities shared by the two," she said.

"This year 350 students will be designing accessories using Five Roses tea bags and branding.

"We have commissioned two established designers and four South African artists to design pieces for us."

They will all be working with the same theme.