Many soccer lovers will be disadvantaged

PSL chairman Irvin Khoza announced on Thursday that SuperSport has been granted exclusive rights of broadcasting all the league's games.

The channel was also given the liberty to "donate" broadcasting rights of any games to rival television channels.

But this will lead to SuperSport using SABC as a dumping site for insignificant PSL games. I can't understand the rational behind the decision and that makes me question the PSL's operational methods.

I think soccer authorities know that soccer gets most of its support from the masses who do not have access to flamboyant SuperSport because of their material conditions. This decision will exclude the majority of our young people from enjoying Saturday and Sunday afternoons watching football.

But we will be failing in our duty as responsible citizens if we do not admit that SABC has frustrated us over and over again with its constant technical failures and in some cases poor broadcasting.

But that still does not justify the PSL's action. To err is human and it is unfair that mistakes can lead to the withdrawal of broadcasting rights.

The national broadcaster must be allowed to continue broadcasting games for all those viewers who cannot afford DStv. It might not make business sense, but think of all the people and supporters who will be disadvantaged.

Diphapang Mofokeng, Grahamstown