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Book: The Day I Died

Book: The Day I Died

Author: Thembelani Ngenelwa

Publisher: Kwela Books

Reviewer: Tebogo Monama

The Day I Died is a true account of survival.

Thembelani Ngenelwa narrates his brutal and senseless attack in 2003 while he was visiting friends in Germiston.

Ngenelwa, who was unemployed at the time, had gone to look for work.

While walking one night, Ngenelwa and his friends were attacked by four thugs. His friends escaped, but he was not so lucky.

He was shot several times and left for dead on a railway line.

The Day I Died is an honest account of crime in South Africa, but lacks the emotive factor.

It takes the reader through events from the time of his attack to his recovery at Natalspruit Hospital.

When Ngenelwa is eventually discharged, he strives to lead a normal life.

He has to learn to walk again and live with the nightmares that haunt survivors of crime.

The book is one of the 25 titles featured on the Exclusive Books Homebru list this year .

Though the book has spelling mistakes, Ngenelwa's offering has received much praise and hype in the media since its launch.