Dry drips of Celebville

Kamogelo Seekoei and Tebogo Monama

Kamogelo Seekoei and Tebogo Monama

Celebrities. You have to love them, though they have a special knack for blunders.

It would not be wrong to think that they were born to bite off more than they can chew and for the most part say the wrong things.

And Hollywood celebrities are not the only ones prone to faux pas.

Mzansi celebs also make mistakes in their careers and private lives.

Sowetan compiled a list of these celebrities' "oopses".

Mercy Pakela: This one should just accept defeat. We understand that Pakela has a never-say-die-attitude, but isn't it time she gives up? Her comeback is not likely.

Then there is Casanova Hlomla Dandala: You would think being the son of a preacher would have smoothed the rough edges. Instead he has acted like a monk unleashed from his calling - and celibacy. But as the saying goes uMfundisi akamzali uMfundisi.

The non-celebrity Lesley Mofokeng is like a cat, he has 9 lives - on reality TV that is. He has been writing so much about celebrities, he now thinks he's one. First, he auditioned for a spot as a Metro City stripper in 1998 - organised by an upmarket escort agency - but he didn't get it. He was then beaten up by women on the SABC3 show Gladiators in 2000. We thought that when he auditioned for Coca- Cola Pop Stars in 2002 this would be the last time we would see him embarrass himself.

Not so. This year he was on SABC1's Strictly Come Dancing and was the first to be kicked out. Les, stick to your day job.

Generations seems to be refuge for jobless actors. Connie Ferguson and Sophie Ndaba passed their sell- by-date a long time ago. But it seems the show's producers have yet to realise that.

The producers must take their cue from Backstage and call it a day.

Arthur Mafokate, self-proclaimed King of Kwaito, must be reminded that he lost his crown when he started a mini-skirt plantation. He's moon-walking into oblivion fast. The girls can dance, but the king has lost his charm. Arthur, its time to retire.

Amor Vittone is remembered more for the rear-end crack she showed at the Samas than anything else. What was that girl thinking when she wore that?

Macks Papo: Why doesn't the Egoli star change his made-for-the-radio hairstyle? This is not the 1990s.

Duma Ndlovu or ka Ndlovu, Mzansi's own Puff Daddy. Like Diddy he interchanges his name. One minute he's Duma Ndlovu then the next he is Duma ka Ndlovu. What's up, Gatsheni?

The worst thing that could happen was the marriage between Khanyi Mbau and Mandla Mthembu. True, the wheels have inevitably come off their public act, which has become a tearful tragedy with the protagonists muttering inaudibles. Their daughter, Princess Khanu, must have been born at the wrong time.