More codes for tourney

Richard Nkosi

Richard Nkosi

Nkomazi mayor Johan Mavuso says they intend to expand the yearly 2010 Inter-municipal games by adding more sporting codes.

The participants are Mbombela and Nkomazi municipalities in Nelspruit, Matola in Mozambique and Swaziland's Mbabane.

Currently, only soccer is played. Speaking after Nkomazi men's 3-1 victory over their Mozambican counterparts, Mavuso said the mayors of the municipalities involved in the games will sit down and map a way forward.

"We are intending to add some sporting codes and grow the games. We are also looking at keeping the selected players active by organising more friendly games," said Mavuso.

The games were started after a 2002 meeting between Mbabane, Nelspruit and Matola where a twinning agreement, which was aimed at bringing the cities together, was signed.

The first event took place in Mbabane in 2004. It was won by Mbombela. In 2005 Mbabane hosted it and it was won by Matola. Last year Mbombela hosted it and Mbabane won it. Next year the games will be hosted by Matola.

Results: Men's semifinal: Nkomazi 5, Mbombela 1; Mbabane 0, Matola 1; final - Nkomazi 3, Matola 1.

Women's semifinal: Matola 1, Nkomazi 0; Mbombela 2, Mbabane 0; final - Mbombela 2, Matola 0.