Kelly and Bonsai at loggerheads again

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

Afro-pop musician Kelly Khumalo might not perform at the Busi Mhlongo Benefit Concert if her label, Bonsai Entertainment, has its way.

Bonsai Entertainment has warned Khumalo not to perform at the show without its permission.

"We will claim any money that is paid to Khumalo," said Raymond Hlazo, a lawyer for Bonsai Entertainment.

"She cannot perform without authorisation from us, whether it is for a good cause or not. Besides, the songs she is going to perform are those she released through Bonsai Entertainment."

Hlazo said: "She must get permission first from Bonsai Entertainment and any money she raises rightfully belongs to Bonsai Entertainment."

Speaking through her partner Mkwaiwa, Khumalo said with or without Bonsai Entertainment's permission, she was going to perform at the Busi Mhlongo Benefit Concert, or any other concert.

"It is nonsensical to say she cannot perform her songs at a benefit concert. It is actually ridiculous. I have never seen something like this in my entire life," said Mkwaiwa.

"Whatever law they are trying to apply in this case to prevent her from performing for a benefit concert to raise money for someone ill is definitely not South African. I do not know where they have lifted this law from."

Khumalo and Bonsai Entertainment are currently involved in a court battle surrounding her contract for management and recording.

Khumalo argues that when she opted out of Bonsai Entertainment early this year to form Prokelly with Mkwaiwa, she had every right to do so.

In March the Johannesburg high court dismissed an urgent court interdict by Bonsai Entertainment to stop her from releasing a single through her new company.

Khumalo also continues to be booked for shows without Bonsai's permission.

The Busi Mhlongo Benefit Concert is aimed at raising funds for the sick Mhlongo.

She is suffering from cancer and she cannot afford the treatment.