Andrew Molefe ponders the shenanigans of attention-craving celebrity couple

A week in politics, they say, is a long time.

A week in politics, they say, is a long time.

But it appears that in celebville, a day is even longer.

Yesterday the nation woke up to the Mandla Mthembu-Khanyi Mbau circus once more.

Two of the country's leading tabloids, Sunday World and Sunday Sun, featured the on-off-on-again couple on their respective front pages with screaming and arguing banner headlines.

Bye . And It's Final, shouted Sunday World. Love Conquers All, countered Sunday Sun. Their respective teasers had this to say: I don't want a Brenda Fassie for a wife, said Sunday World, quoting Mthembu. Sunday Sun's read: The Khanyi, Mandla empire grows as celeb couple quips - "What divorce?".

Sunday Sun spoke to the pair on Friday and Sunday World was given a different story on Saturday.

Now who's fooling who?

The ever publicity-seeking Mthembu waltzed into the Sunday World's 61 Commando Road, Industria, offices on Saturday and told the newspaper he was done with his equally publicity- crazy wife.

He even said he was thinking of divorce because "he doesn't need a Brenda Fassie for a wife".

Two kilometres away at Media Park in Auckland Park, as Sunday Sun was preparing to go to press, with the couple declaring enduring love for each other.

If Sunday was not a particularly bad day to be a print journalist, consider this - what sane person would go to a newspaper office and tell all and sundry that he was considering divorcing his wife.

Who cares?

Mthembu was contacted by Sunday Sun on Wednesday while having lunch with his wife.

When the paper asked for Mbau, an irritated Mthembu then retorted: "Why nihlupa imedi yam? - why are you bothering my woman? Please leave her alone, we are having lunch," he said before hanging up.

Three days later, the sulking Romeo beat the well-trodden path to Sunday World pleading with the world to sympathise with him.

But wait, the plot thickens. A reporter from City Press, the serious weekly paper in the same building as Sunday Sun, on Wednesday saw Mbau with another man at the Lion King gala at Montecasino's Teatro just hours after she had supposedly had lunch with Mthembu.

The name of the man is Claude Pretorius, a filmmaker.

City Press said though Mbau had withdrawn divorce papers served on Mthembu, she has refused to go back him.

If there was any doubt that Khanyi and Mandla play the media at will, there shouldn't be any now.

South Africa is a sad country indeed if it is prepared to spare acres of newsprint and valuable space for a sad little couple like Mandla and Khanyi.

Could someone please tell them to go and jump in a lake.