Respected former policeman killed in crash

Peggy Nkomo

Peggy Nkomo

Simon Jaquie Penyane, better known as Majekis, was a no-nonsense policeman who loved fun and socialised with so-called clevers in the townships, especially Atteridgeville where he lived for many years.

According to his son, Dannyboy, even in the heat of things during the 1976 student protests, Majekis commanded respect among the comrades because of his sympathy and down-to-earth attitude towards people.

This week, Penyane's life of "hail fellow well met" merriment ended when he was killed in a car accident on the Lucas Mangope highway near Mabopane in the early hours of Monday morning.

Penyane was born in Lady Selborne, Pretoria, on December 30 1953. His family moved to Atteridgeville as a result of the apartheid government's policy of forced removals.

Penyane later joined the South African Police and worked for many years as a member of the Brixton murder and robbery unit.

On his retirement Penyane became a business partner at several funeral undertakers.

Lamenting his death, Dannyboy said : "My father loved people and fun. We are really going to miss him a lot."

Penyane also loved soccer and he was a great fan of British Premier League champions, Manchester United.

Penyane will be buried in the Zandfontein Cemetery near Lady Selborne on Sunday.

The funeral service will be held at the Odi Sports Complex - near the Morula Sun - from 7am to 8am when the cortege will leave for the cemetery.