MEC in flat spin over spinning cars

Alfred Moselakgomo

Alfred Moselakgomo

Mpumalanga roads and transport MEC David Mabuza has instructed traffic officers not to have mercy on drivers who spin cars on public roads.

He issued the instruction after councillors complained that illegal racing was on the rise in most of the province's townships.

Mabuza said spinning cars endangers innocent bystanders.

"Public roads are not meant for spinning cars. There are areas classified for car racing or competitions where people can go to."

Councillors said they feared that people could be killed and they requested that the culprits be identified and prosecuted.

"This would apply to everybody, whether the person is a government official or not," said Mabuza.

He said road deaths and accident statistics demanded that urgent steps be taken, particularly in the Nkangala region where law enforcement projects should be intensified.

"I am also quite disturbed that some municipalities are not cooperating with the department's Best Practice Model project.

"It is a serious concern because we cannot win the battle against corruption if the department does not get the support of the municipalities," said Mabuza.

He encouraged municipalities who are aware of driver's licence and vehicle-registration fraud to stand up and be firm. He said his department would fight corruption even if it meant becoming unpopular.

Mabuza said that in order to fast-track taxi recapitalisation, his department would hold road shows to encourage taximen to get rid of their skoroskoros.

"So far 320 old taxis have been scrapped, but factors such as forms that are not correctly completed and outstanding fines contributed to the slow pace of scrapping old vehicles," Mabuza said.