Khawula faces a litany of charges

Langelihle Chagwe

Langelihle Chagwe

Dannhauser municipal manager Bhekani Khawula is to appear before a disciplinary committee to answer a chain of charges.

He will appear before the committee again between July 4 and 6. He appeared briefly on Tuesday before an independent team, Friday Management Solutions, appointed by the municipality.

Khawula is alleged to have increased his salary package from R450000 to R550000 a year without the council's approval.

A source said there was no council resolution when he increased his salary, except for councillor Muzi Buthelezi who voted for the manager's pay rise.

Mayor Bongekile Shabalala, said Khawula will also be charged with abusing his power.

According to a letter sent to Sowetan , it is alleged that Khawula did not provide adequate reports to the mayor and the council on time regarding his official trips and invitations to events.

He is also alleged to have refused to assign staff to a special executive committee meeting convened by the mayor on March 7 2007. His other charges include:

l Attending meetings and official functions without the mayor's permission;

l Interfering with the mayor's VIP protection members by wanting to give them orders yet they were not employed by municipality;

l Refusing to provide information to executive committee members on preparations for handover events and failing to divulge the amount allocated for the events;

l Refusing to adhere to a council resolution to take action on a matter between councillor PBhugwandeen and a B Nzimande, a senior official in the municipal manager's office.

A source who wished to remain anonymous told Sowetan that an argument had erupted between councillor PBhugwandeen and Nzimande.

Nzimande threatened Bhugwandeen with his firearm.

The matter was reported to the police and a case of attempted murder was opened. Nzimande appeared in court and was discharged.