Strike hits plan of alleged rapist

Khanyisile Nkosi

Khanyisile Nkosi

Alleged serial rapist Mongezi Jinxela is not a happy man.

After having woken up at 3am to prepare himself for his trial at the Johannesburg high court yesterday, Jinxela was disappointed to learn that the trial could not proceed because of the public sector strike.

Jinxela, 38, is on trial for allegedly raping 65 women. More than 50 complainants have accused Jinxela of raping them.

The women said he lured them to secluded areas where he raped them.

He has pleaded not guilty to 271 charges including 71 counts of rape.

On hearing that the trial could not proceed because of the strike, Jinxela told the judge that the strike was an inconvenience.

"I woke up at 3am to get ready for court. I will now have to wait in the holding cells until 4pm when I am transported back to prison," he said.

He asked to be assured that the trial would proceed today.

Judge George Maluleke said it was regrettable that the trial could not proceed.

"None of us have control over the strike," Maluleke said.

The case was postponed to today.