Sexwale wants dividends for free shares

As the ANC succession debate builds up, different strategies are emerging from potential heirs to the throne.

It was recently reported that BEE beneficiary and businessman Tokyo Sexwale gave free shares to certain individuals. One cannot but marvel at Sexwale's strategy of choosing blacks who are influential and experts in their fields.

Among them is Natal Judge President Vuka Tshabalala, whose defence was, "the shares are like buying any other shares in SAB".

Another beneficiary is "independent thinker" and influential academic Xolelwa Mancqu. The shares have compromised his objectivity. His political analysis will be taken with a pinch of salt.

SABC news editor Anne Mokoena forgot her journalistic ethics when she pocketed a few shares. I hope viewers will receive unbiased reports about Sexwale.

It is worrying that Sexwale perpetuated the stereotypical norm of empowering the empowered. After so many changes in the country with many blacks such as Sexwale benefiting from government's empowerment strategies, we must stop calling all blacks previously disadvantaged.

Call them advantaged blacks and focus on empowering the continuously disadvantaged.

Sexwale, the businessman, knows that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Phillimon Mnisi

Wits University