Sadtu teachers from Soweto storm office block with sjamboks, sticks

Kamogelo Seekoei and Sapa

Kamogelo Seekoei and Sapa

A school principal, two pupils and the school's cleaner were assaulted by members of Sadtu from Soweto yesterday.

Clare Lucas, principal at St George's Primary School in Ennerdale on the West Rand, said about 10 men, including teachers from Sadtu, had entered the school armed with sjamboks and sticks, and started randomly hitting people in the office block.

She said she would be able to identify them.

Lucas said the men vandalised the office block and broke equipment.

"They broke the secretary's computer and also took my cellphone and laptop," she said.

Lucas said that though everyone had the right to exercise their own rights, she was furious at the incident.

"I marched on Friday and I did it out of my own free will," she said.

"I do not think intimidating people will solve a problem," said Lucas, a member of Denosa.

She said she was being targeted because she stood up to Sadtu when they went to her school and told teachers that they had to sign leave forms.

"I told them not to mislead my staff. I explained to my staff that, though the strike was protected, money would still be deducted if they went on strike," she said.

Lucas has laid assault charges with police.

Union leaders could not be contacted for comment.