ANC must fix what it broke

It was a sad day when the ANC started to believe their own anti-Buthelezi propaganda. Even sadder that they turned him into their enemy with a big target on his forehead.

The ANC has had many opportunities to educate members about Prince Buthelezi's contribution to the liberation struggle, but have consciously chosen not to do so. Fact is he prevented the grand scheme of apartheid being taken to an even higher level by not accepting independence for KwaZulu. Another fact is that he provided vital on-the-ground leadership and support in South Africa while the ANC was abroad.

I learnt about the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela through Buthelezi who publicly called for his release and for the release of all political prisoners time and again. I, like all other IFP members and supporters, learnt to pray for their release through Buthelezi. The ANC owes a lot to Buthelezi and needs to own up to it.

Does the relationship need rescuing? Of course it does! And as we all know, any relationship rescue needs a hero. There can only be one hero in this relationship: the ANC. It's time they made right what they so consciously made wrong!

Nicky Lucas