Premonition of sad exit

Gugu Sibiya

Minutes before she and her celebrity dance partner Lesley Mofokeng became the first couple voted out of the third season of the reality show Strictly Come Dancing, Sara Els fell in what could have been a premonition of misfortune.

Guests and relatives of the dancers watched in shock as the leggy Els fell like a bag of potatoes shortly before the announcement.

Visibly shocked and disappointed, Mofokeng conceded he had not expected to be the first to exit the Strictly Come Dancing reality show.

Nevertheless, soldiering on like the man he is, Mofokeng said he was excited to have been part of the reality show.

As a celebrity entertainment writer, Mofokeng's inclusion in the competition had raised the ire of a number of people who felt a journalist was not supposed to be viewed as a celebrity.

Hip Hop Pantsula continued his upward spiral, dominating the number-one spot in the show.

Big he may be, but the rapper, who has lost a lot of weight, still managed to float across the dance floor like a butterfly.

Blonde Patricia Lewis continues to wear stunning colourful, sexy outfits.

Last week's outfit was, however, eclipsed by a masked look of pained determination.

Instead of doing it on the track, athlete Hezekiel Sepeng seemed to gain valuable points with the women as he cruised gracefully around the dance floor.

His lithe runner's figure was accentuated by a stunning black outfit.

Erald Felix of 50/50 fame, will, however, have to pull up his socks.

Though visibly improved, he barely survived the chop when it came to being a toss-up between him and Mofokeng.

His partner Mary Martins did, however, commend him for his continuous improvement and his commitment to their rigorous daily rehearsals.