Legendary gig hit right notes

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

The Night of the Legends, held last weekend at the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town, was a huge success.

Featuring such greats as Jonas Gwangwa, Letta Mbulu, Caiphus Semenya and Ringo Madlingozi, the dance floor was transformed into a sea of colour.

When Gwangwa took to the stage, it became clear that he has a solid following throughout the country because he sent many a fan, young and old, to the dance floor. His song Flowers of the Nation found particular resonance with most of the crowd.

The husband-and-wife duo of Mbulu and Semenya also had the opportunity to shine. Their performance was simply stunning, and if there was any doubt that the couple could really entertain, then Saturday's performance erased all doubt from the minds of music lovers. However, the only thing that disappointed the fans was the fact that Mbulu did not perform her trademark song Not Yet Uhuru.

As usual, Ringo gave a solid performance that had a lot of energy as the last act. This entertaining concert was sponsored by Metrorail in honour of our musical legends.