Groceries take edge off for hard-hit homeless

Tebogo Monama

Tebogo Monama

The recent cold front has underlined the urgent need to come to the rescue of the poor and homeless, who are often hardest hit by the bitter chill.

The cold led to a lot of poor people also losing their homes as a result of fires.

Organisations such as the Salvation Army, which care for the homeless and poor need all the support they can get to take in the destitute.

Sowetan's social responsibility mascot Mama Angel answered the Salvation Army's call by handing over groceries worth R5000 to its branch in Klipspruit, Soweto.

Mama Angel invited the Afro-pop singer, Ntando to entertain people at the centre.

Phumzile Malobane, an assistant at the centre, said: "Sowetan was very helpful. At least we now have enough food to feed the people who come here."

She said the number of people who come to the Salvation Army increases on a daily basis.

"Ntando was a great self-esteem booster for the children. He gave the kids a sense of belonging, emotionally and spiritually," Malobane said.

On average the Salvation Army provides at least four million meals a year.

Its 375 centres operate nationwide to distribute food parcels, clothing and blankets, and provide meals for the poor and homeless throughout the year.

During winter the demand rises rapidly as ever more people are affected.