Used Polo fun, easy to drive

Charl Wilken

Volkswagen can brag about its success, which it has derived mostly from its Polo range. Though Toyota has dominated sales figures in recent months, Volkswagen has been a great success story.

Volkswagen's monthly sales figures clearly show that it enjoys huge popularity among the general public. The VW badge has become synonymous with a trustworthy "you know what you're getting" image.

Volkswagen is currently in second position in new car sales in South Africa. With a total of 9112 cars sold in November, almost a third of these (3031 units) were Polo Classics.

Though the Polo is generally associated with fleet cars, it has not lost its charisma in private- use circles.

Though loved by both sexes, the Polo makes a very practical mom's taxi to do shopping thanks to its class-leading boot capacity.

The 1,6i power plant, which delivers 74kW and 140Nm using a five-speed manual gearbox to the front wheels, is more than powerful enough to carry a fairly heavy load and still reach a comfortable 120kmh on the freeway. It takes you about 11 seconds to reach the 100kmh mark.

What makes the Polo even more fun to drive is the smooth gear transmission. Though very basic, the gearbox is one of the best in its class and gear changes are effortless, hence the Polo's popularity in the female market.

As is well-known with Volkswagen products, the instrument panel is user friendly and the controls are easy to reach and use.

Our test model had funky seats with bright, colourful stripes and the overall condition of the interior was so good, you would mistake it for a new car.

For a used vehicle, this car has virtually no scratches on the bodywork, as one would probably expect on a used car with 47500km on the clock.

The Continental 185-60R14 tyres on both front and rear wheels were still in very good condition.

Our used Polo was most certainly not just a basic model. Our car had all-round electric windows, power steering, central locking, air conditioning and a front-loading CD player.

The car was fitted with at least enough safety features for a basic model, having dual air bags and ABS brakes.

Most cars in this class with about the same price tag usually have just one air bag.

This car also comes with a standard anti-theft system.

Something that should put any buyer at ease is the fact that the Polo comes with a two year or 40000km Auto Pedigree warranty on top of the remainder of the original factory warranty.

Dealer: Contact Joe from Auto Pedigree, Fourways on 011-467-7706.