Sex claims 'baseless'

Waghied Misbach

Waghied Misbach

Newly-appointed Home Affairs director-general Mavuso Msimang, pictured, has rejected sex-pest claims against him by a former woman employee as baseless.

Speaking at a briefing in Cape Town yesterday, Msimang also slammed some journalists for the manner in which they reported the issue, saying they should have checked his accuser's character.

"No, I don't have any sleepless nights at all about the accusations against me because they are, for what it is worth to you, baseless."

But that will be decided in a court case due next year, said Msimang.

"I worry that you are more worried about this sex thing now that I have been assigned to Home Affairs," said Msimang in response to questions.

He said nobody seemed worried about the allegations when he was chief executive of the State Information Technology Agency (Sita). He said the allegation was first made against him 16 months ago.

Msimang said he was concerned about how the sex allegation claim was handled by the media.

"My biggest worry is the manner in which this story was broadcast."

He said he believe all journalists had a code of ethics, but this was not followed in some reports. He said it was up to journalists to find out "how much substance" there was to the allegations and the "character" of his accuser. He said journalists could have spoken to "other sources" at Sita to find out more about his accuser.

"The first thing that happens is I see the headlines with really nasty labels like 'sex pest' in inverted commas to protect themselves," said Msimang.