Government needs to govern for the people

Your article "The Battle Stations" on May 17 refers.

Your article "The Battle Stations" on May 17 refers.

While I believe that the majority of our people empathise with the residents of Khutsong, I don't see how the consumer boycott is going to assist them in their plight.

Quite clearly they are in conflict with government policies and not with the business sector in Carltonville.

I think we have moved away from the 1980s mindset where we showed our opposition to the apartheid government by implementing rolling consumer boycotts.

Big business is no longer an exclusive terrain of white people.

Emerging black business is also going to suffer a lot.

The ordinary masses will also be adversely affected because they will be expected to do their shopping kilometres away in neighbouring towns.

The ANC government is not helping the matter either by "ignoring" what is happening daily in Khutsong.

What happened to democracy - "the government by people for the people"?

Surely the ANC government can do better than what they are currently concentrating on, namely changing the names of towns, streets and buildings into the ANC stalwarts' names.

This is done as if they have the exclusive rights to the struggle, which a lot of people, including non-ANC members, died for.

Mokgethi Lekeba, Soweto