Sex-for-jobs steals dignity

Riot Hlatshwayo

Riot Hlatshwayo

A sexual harassment survivor, working for the National Association of People Living With Aids (Napwa), has urged women to stand up and fight against the vice.

Jabulile Mkasi, pictured, said that she had twice been sexually harassed while looking for a job.

Mkasi was speaking during the launch of the sexual harassment external stakeholders seminar at the Mpumalanga Regional Training Trust, east of Nelspruit on Wednesday.

"In one instance, a man in a high position, who I had asked about vacancies in his institution, told me that sex was the simplest thing that could help me get a job. I jokingly replied that I'd rather starve than have sex with a grown man like him," said Mkasi.

She said that a policeman, who she had asked for employment in the SAPS, told her that sex was the answer.

"This cop said to me: Ngiphe - meaning give it to me - and I asked him how he could say that to a poor girl like myself," said Mkasi.

"To you ladies, don't succumb to sex for jobs. Sometimes I regret having denied these men because I don't have a reasonable job today, but I am proud that I still have my dignity."