'Return home and you die'

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

A Limpopo woman who allegedly beat her son to death for stealing from her has fled from her village because her neighbours have threatened to kill her.

Johanna Mokgalaka, 33, was assaulted by other residents of Mashishimale village on Tuesday when she returned home from Namakgale magistrates' court, where she had been granted bail of R500. Villagers protested against her release outside the court.

"This woman is evil. She does not qualify to live with people. She should be taken back to the cells where she belongs," said a relative.

"Her anger has robbed us of a future leader. Now she walks free as if nothing has happened. We will kill her if she sets foot in this village again," the man said.

Mokgalaka was arrested last week for allegedly whipping her son to death. Unconfirmed reports said she had an argument with her son, Sydney, 15, after she found money she had raised from selling vegetables missing. She asked her son about the money, he reportedly insulted her and she whipped him.

She was refused bail at her first court appearance last week.