Used BMW is to die for

Charl Wilken

When driving this BMW 3-Series, it becomes perfectly clear why it is one of the best selling luxury sedans in its segment. Besides its superb styling and exceptional looks, the way the car is put together is simply outstanding.

Our late 2005 used model was in an impeccable condition. It had no scratches or bumps and this standard was mirrored in the interior.

As with all BMW vehicles, the materials are made to last.

The leather seats are very comfortable and you don't slip and slide when driving around a corner.

Though the 320i might be one of the smaller power plants in the BMW lineup, there is most definitely no lack of power.

The 2,0litre four-cylinder engine used in this car is typical BMW, refined and willing to cooperate as soon as your right foot connects with the accelerator. It develops a healthy 110kW and 200Nm. This results in a 0-100kmh sprint in less than 10 seconds and a respectable maximum speed of 215kmh. Even with a full load of passengers or luggage, there is more than enough power when driving up steep heels.

The car is absolutely fun to drive. I believe this is mainly because of the soft, but sporty ride. The cabin of the car is very quiet, even at high speeds. With the dynamic six-speed manual gearbox, everything comes perfectly together for an outstanding ride.

Braking at relatively high speeds is absolutely no problem at all because the ABS-brakes are still in perfect condition.

As with most cars from Auto Pedigree, you would never know that the car had already done 70000km, by just looking at it or even by driving it. In fact, it is hard to believe the odometer reading.

This entry level 3-Series comes with six air bags (dual front, side and curtain) for maximum protection in the event of an accident. The multifunction steering wheel is also a safety feature one cannot do away with in this segment nowadays. This will ensure that the driver's hands remain on the steering wheel - as they should.

Some of the luxury features in the car include a trip computer and a front-loading CD-player with high quality sound speakers. So you don't have to be shy to roll down the window with the radio on.

The car also comes with climate-control and keyless entry.

The 320i runs on 205/55 R16 Continental tyres with eight spoke alloy wheels. The tyres on this car will be good for at least another 10000km to 12000km.

For R229995, you not only get an outstanding car with a long list of safety and luxury features, but it is R20000 less than you would pay for a new 320i automatic. If you think of all the things that can be bought with R20000, this car is definitely a great buy.

If you are interested, contact Joe at Auto Pedigree in Fourways on 011-467-7706.