Mtshazo aiming for success

Zingisa Mtshazo is an inspiration.

Zingisa Mtshazo is an inspiration.

She's an achiever with her feet firmly on the ground and plenty of enthusiasm, faith and drive.

As an attorney with a passion for business strategy, Mtshazo recently joined Blue IQ as company secretary and senior legal manager. One gets the feeling that she'll shake things up in this position.

Mtshazo is the recipient of the Brait Foundation MBA scholarship at the Gordon Institute of Business Science and started the two-year modular programme at the beginning of this year.

When asked how she was coping with all the reading, she calmly said she started her day at 4am. And she still managed to look fresh for our 9.30am appointment.

She is optimistic about the future and looking forward to the challenge of coping with the hectic schedule of the MBA while juggling the demands of a high-powered job in the public sector.

She has a BA from University of Natal, and LLB from Unisa.