Rioters damaged their own cause

As a resident of Lenasia, I am extremely concerned about the rioting for better service delivery that took place this week.

I completely understand the frustrations of the people who have been demonstrating, but the protesters should realise that burning tyres and community halls will only harm us in the long run.

We, the honest taxpaying citizens, will inevitably bear the brunt of their so-called "call for action on service delivery" because it will cost money to repair the halls.

Have these people never heard of non-violent protest? I am sure many of the protesters are well-educated. They should remember their history and learn from the likes of Mahatma Gandhi who fought for our freedom through non-violent protests.

This rioting does not justify the cause and it did a great injustice to the rest of the community, who's children were not allowed to go to school, working people who were unable to go to work and a community that now has to repair the damage caused by the actions of those who thought that they were fighting for a good cause.

While we are all extremely frustrated with local government services in Lenasia, this is certainly no way of getting positive action.

Disappointed resident