Traffic cops, taxi drivers in cahoots

Your "A moving coffin" story on May 8 refers.

I am surprised that the traffic officer was "shocked" when he saw the skorokoro taxi. We travel daily to work in these taxis and traffic officers don't seem to care about the state of the skorokoros.

You can spot them from a distance because they are not straight like normal vehicles. This is because they are never serviced. These taxis constantly make whistling noises because of their faulty brakes. You feel the heat if you sit on the seat in the first row behind the driver. Pungent smoke keeps coming out of the engine. When the driver wants to indicate, he quickly puts a wire in a little hole.

Traffic officers must check the Faraday taxis if they really want to see skorokoros. And by the way, the drivers' attitudes are just like those skorokoros that they transport us in.

I keep hearing that Transport Minister Jeff Radebe, has embarked on a campaign to confiscate these taxis, but only the Lord knows when that will happen.

Traffic officers stop the driver, ask for his licence and then tell the driver to step out of the taxi. The driver slips the officer a R100 note and it's business as usual.

One just says, "thank God" every time one safely reaches one's destination.

G Rampa, Gauteng