Relax and appreciate nature, writes Zenoyise Madikwa

Three-two-one! Bungee! My faint heart raced as I helplessly watched my 12-year-old girl throwing her torso off a high tower with only a rubber band attached to her ankles. Five minutes later fear gave way to pride as I saw her walking down the hill of glory with the stride of a Xhosa warrior.

Bungee-jumping is one of the activities one gets to enjoy when visiting Sterkfontein Heritage Lodge, a resort situated at the top of the King's Kloof in Rant en Dal, close to Krugersdorp.

With its wide range of accommodation, from budget to family suite, the lodge is the ideal place to stay and enjoy the many attractions of the area.

It is conveniently located on the hills overlooking the mystical Sterkfontein valley, beyond the Cradle of Humankind.

The Sterkfontein valley has emerged as the world's most important "dawn of man" fossil site - the place where apemen are speculated to have evolved into humans. Its labyrinthine caves have yielded more fossils of apemen and early humans than the rest of the world combined.

There was international interest recently when the first complete apeman skeleton was exposed.

The lodge is not just a resort offering accommodation, it's an experience. This is where a compromise between nature's beauty and people's creativity provides the best of both worlds - natural beauty enhanced by a sophisticated and subtle elegance that is never obtrusive.

Careful attention has been given to leave nature's work untouched by human effort. With a view of spectacular hills and a peaceful garden, the lodge is a haven from the world's pressures.

My young warrior and I ventured into the woods and experienced a close encounter of the place as we immersed ourselves in the sights and sounds of the resort.

Time stood still in appreciation of nature's beauty and harmony as we viewed the gorgeous landscape, the heritage-style architecture and magnificent garden surrounds.

The following morning we were awoken by the sounds of birdsong. The thatched roof and farm-style transported us into memories of our village back home in Eastern Cape.

This African farm homestead with its rustic charm was the home of the Hattingh family for half a century, before being converted into a country lodge.

The lodge has 10 double rooms and dining for 40.

The Phillip Tobias conference room seats 25, while the smaller Raymond Dart boardroom seats 12.

Though my heart would not let me jump from the bridge, our experience will stay with us.