Congregants taught how to handle money

Israel Nkate

Israel Nkate

Pastor Manas Kabelo of the Life Changers Church in Paardekraal, Rustenburg, yesterday led a service "to teach congregants how to use their money".

"Money and Christianity go hand in hand. Our people are in huge debt because of a lack of financial knowledge," said Kabelo.

He said it was not true that money belonged to Satan, as some people thought.

"Ecclesiastes 10:9 says money is the answer for all things."

Kabelo was adamant that the service would discourage unnecessary debts and encourage proper financial planning.

"We also teach people how to go about starting their own businesses.

"In all our services we choose topical subjects and align them to the word of God. We choose supporting verses from the Bible."

Starting today, the church would embark on an outreach project in Boitekong Extension 13 to counsel abused women and youth.

"In most cases, women are suffering more than men and youth are trapped in drugs and unwanted pregnancies. We hope this will help them," Kabelo said.

The Berachah Bible Church in Mogwase unit 4, Rustenburg, has been going strong for the last seven years. And at the weekend its anniversary celebrations were: "If God is for us, who can be against us."

"It is very important for the ministry to celebrate our anniversary because biblically the number seven means completion. God did all His work and rested on the seventh day," said Bishop Moagi Khunou.

Part of the celebrations were a conference that started on April 23 and ended yesterday.

The conference addressed women, men and youth issues.

"Women need to be empowered, men have to be retaught their responsibilities and the youth must learn to wait," said Khunou.