Another name change furore ignites

Victor Hlungwani

Victor Hlungwani

The renaming of Giyani police station as NW Makhubele police station in Limpopo has deeply divided the residents of Giyani and the Giyani ANC Youth League.

The station has been renamed after the retired head of the police crime prevention divisional commissioner Wilson Makhubele.

The renaming of the station after the retired police officer was first suggested by national commissioner Jackie Selebi during his visit in February last year

At the time Selebi announced the Giyani police station would be named after Makhubele as an honour and token of appreciation for his 40 years of dedication and commitment he put into policing.

Aubrey Hlungwani, chairman of the Giyani ANC Youth League, said Selebi had undermined the Giyani residents after he failed to inform the people about the change.

"They failed to consult the public about the change. The first we saw were police vans and the building with the name NW Makhubele without being consulted," Hlungwani.

Justice Nkuna, a Giyani resident, said they would fight tooth and nail to reverse the renaming.

"The man was not familiar to us. Why did they not rather name it after the former homeland leader Ntsan'wisi who started up the police station," he said.