Tax driver faces an uphill battle after purchasing a new vehicle from Fiat

Zweli Mokgata

Zweli Mokgata

Durban taxi driver Raymond Dlamini decided to give Fiat a try when he invested in his second minibus.

He bought the 2006 Fiat Ducato from CMH Umhlanga Fiat in March last year. "It has only given one problem after another, and each one worse than the one before," Dlamini said.

His taxi has spent the past three weeks in a workshop, costing Dlamini an average of R600 a day in lost income.

"He bought the car new last year, and I said the car was 100percent," said Umhlanga Fiat new sales manager Adrian Pillay. "Now the problem is with the workshop."

Dlamini said: "The problems started even before they delivered the taxi. It was supposed to be an 18-seater but they delivered a 16-seater."

After only three weeks on the road, the vehicle's brake pads needed to be replaced. "They wanted almost R5000 for new pads and disks, but I refused pay that amount. They eventually agreed to fix the problem, but only three months later the car broke down."

On this occasion the taxi was in the workshop for two weeks before a fault was identified in the fuel injection system. Another two weeks passed before the rear brake pads were worn out.

In July the taxi began cutting out, and when Dlamini took it to the dealership, he was told to take it to another workshop in Pinetown.

"As I was driving there it cut on the freeway and I was smashed from behind."