Rape most despicable

McKeed Kotlolo

McKeed Kotlolo

Police have launched an intense manhunt for four suspects who allegedly carried a woman shoulder high into the bushes, where they took turns to rape her repeatedly.

The victim, 32, and her sister went to buy bread and milk from a tavern in Clarinet suburb in Witbank, Mpumalanga, at about 10pm on Friday. On their way back home, the sister stopped to talk to a male friend and the victim walked slowly toward home, according to police.

Captain Eddie Hall said as the 32-year-old entered the veld, "she was confronted by four men who grabbed her. She screamed for help but one of the suspects silenced her by hitting her on the forehead.

"They carried her deeper into the veld where they undressed her and placed her face down on the ground.

"One held her head down, two stretched her legs open and the fourth raped her. The rest took turns raping her in that position," Hall said yesterday.

The suspects then turned the victim face up and again took turns raping her. In the process, they helped themselves to the bread and milk the victim had bought.

Hall, who described the woman's ordeal as "terrible", said she was abandoned in the veld by her attackers and later managed to get help.