Lying cop sacked as murder witness

Ntwaagae Seleka

Ntwaagae Seleka

A judge yesterday threatened to charge a policeman with perjury during a murder trial in the Vereeniging circuit court.

Judge Max Lubbe also warned alleged hitman Tshokolo Masakale he could spend the rest of his life in jail if convicted.

Masakale has pleaded not guilty to murder and possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition.

He appeared without his co-accused Refiloe Maredi, 35, who allegedly hired him to kill her husband Masole Maredi, 43. She died earlier this year while in custody.

It was alleged that Refiloe paid Masakale R10000 to kill her husband. Maredi was shot and murdered on September 30 2003 at his Sebokeng, Vaal, home.

Lubbe yesterday dismissed police Inspector Jonas Mankge because he was "lying".

Mankge said he and colleagues searched a car occupied by the accused and that it had five occupants in it. His earlier sworn statement said there were three people in the car.

Lubbe said: "You are lying deliberately and could be charged with perjury.

"It is clear that the court cannot attach credence to your evidence because you are a liar."

The trial continues.