Gifts to make the queen buzz

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

A Mother's Day gift can make or break the relationship between "mommy dearest" and her child. Though moms claim to love us whether we come bearing gifts or not, no one can deny there's a beam that lights up an unsmiling face at the sight of the perfect gift.

Over the years, the celebration of Mother's Day has become something like Christmas because sons and daughters come together and put the hen back on her well-deserved pedestal.

But the one aspect that every honest mother looks forward to is, without a doubt, a present that conveys the depth of her children's affection.

Here is a list of gifts that can steer you towards touching the old lady's softest spot.

A fancy nightie: As our mothers mature, other things, such as home renovations and tombstones, take priority. If you buy her a nice, feminine nightie, she will be reminded that she's a goddess in your eyes - but she might keep the present in the kist, tucked away for that dream trip to Durban.

Frizz balls: These are every woman's bath delight. Frizz balls smell good and leave you smelling equally delicious, and when a woman feels that way stressing her out is almost impossible.

Leather beauty purse: Every woman wants to touch up her make-up now and then, even if her definition of make-up is Zam-Buk and hand cream. This makes the smallest beauty routine seem enviable.

The beauty range: Let's face it, most of our mothers would be happier in a beret and glasses but nothing revs up a mind like make-up. This is a good gift, even if she tucks it away for a wedding, because make-up never expires. What's important is that the message is driven home: "You are a lady".

A perfectly fitting bra: As women grow older, gravity takes its toll on their breasts, stripping them of their confidence. A good bra will restore a declining posture and makes clothes look better.

A spa treatment: If you want your gift to be the talking point of the year, take your mom for a spa treatment and make her feel like a queen.