IBF must not allow bygones be bygones and order a rematch

I believe strongly in old axioms.

I believe strongly in old axioms.

The one that I like most is that which goes like this - "let bygones be bygones".

It has saved me from being bliksemmed for putting matters into perspective with my pen.

Can Malcom Klassen apply it after being zonked of his IBF belt, I doubt it.

They sometimes do not work at all. In fact, it is the IBF that should not let bygones be bygones here.

It must order a rematch within 90 days if it wants to retain its credentials as being one of the three most respected sanctioning bodies.

Mzonke Fana fought his best fight ever but he did not take the title away from the champion.

Judges Alf Buqwana and Deon Duarte erred - that's it. This is not because they both wear spectacles but purely because they are humans and fallible to making mistakes like you and I.

Says Wally Aghadien, a disappointed boxing fan:

"The IBF junior lightweight division has become a joke since Marco Barrera was forced to vacate its title shortly after winning it 2005. Since then, it has changed hands in four consecutive fights with four mediocre fighters winning it.

"From Cassius Baloyi beating Manuel Medina to Gairy St Clair beating Baloyi to Klassen defeating St Clair.

This has become a symbol of how worthless some sanctioning organisations titles have become.

"By the way would Fana be the same Fana who was destroyed by Barrera as the WBC's joke mandatory challenger? Since then Fana won three fights against Tom, Dick and Harry to become the mandatory challenger for Klassen.

"If you ranked all the fighters who hold titles in four most notable bodies - roughly 65 - Fana might be the weakest of them all.

Fana will lose the belt in his first defence, anybody for the bet?

"This includes Walter Mokoena, Philip Ndou, Dicksy Ngqula and Dumile Mateza."

I share Aghied's sentiments, especially his suggestion to the IBF.