Democracy threatened by HIV-Aids

Selby Makgotho

Selby Makgotho

A Limpopo municipality head says that HIV-Aids continues to be the biggest threat to democracy.

Betty Kgare, chairman of the Capricorn district health and environment portfolio, addressed more than 2000 members of the community in Badimong, on the outskirts of Polokwane.

She said: "Even after attaining our freedom 13 years ago we are now faced with this big problem that is reversing the gains of our revolution.

"The people who are supposed to enjoy the benefits of this freedom might not be here, having succumbed to HIV-Aids," Kgare said.

The Freedom Day function, organised by the municipality and the Bula Mahlo Home-based Care Centre, was to raise awareness about challenges such as HIV-Aids and teenage pregnancy.

Kgare called on traditional leaders, school principals and civic organisations to join hands to ensure that the struggle for democracy had not been fought in vain.

She said that in addition to crime, poverty and violence against women and children, there were other factors that had a negative effect on freedom.

Kgare's call for the formation of a partnership was well received by the Bula Mahlo Centre and other local organisations at the event.

Bula Mahlo manager Joesimon Lekganyane said the centre was pleased with the good attendance at the event.

He also appreciated the many organisations that had joined the event organisers in the fight against HIV-Aids.

"Today we have reached our targeted audience through this campaign," Lekganyane said .

"We are not just going to leave it there. We are going follow up and will continue to mobilise through the media."