Joshco chief exec answers Kliptown housing question

Maryanne Maina

Maryanne Maina

Last week's article on Zanele Makobele's two-year wait for her rent-to-buy home in Kliptown drew the following response from Rory Gallocher, chief executive of Johannesburg Social Housing Company (Joshco), which is managing the development project.

"I'm sure that you can appreciate that accepting and processing over 5000 applications for these units has been an extremely labour-intensive and costly exercise for Joshco. We have nonetheless done so ahead of time, and are now just waiting for the houses to be electrified by the Gauteng Housing Department so that we can allocate units to successful applicants." Gallocher commented.

He pointed out that because Kliptown is rent-to-buy initiative a rather than a commercial off-plan deve-lopment, "no one has so far bought a unit from the Kliptown project, signed a contract or made a monetary payment."

But even so, Makobele and other aspirant homeowners on the waiting list need to know if and when they can move into their new homes.

"There is no reason for Ms Zanele Makobele to be 'in the dark'. We have a leasing team who respond to all of these enquiries," Gallocher commented.

The switchboard number for Joshco is (011) 406 7300 and people with enquiries should request to be put through to the leasing department.