Cultural roots grow eastwards

Selby Makgotho

Selby Makgotho

A Limpopo Afro-Jazz musician, who composes in TshiVenda, has been invited by the South African embassy in Thailand, Bangkok, to mark Freedom Day celebrations on Friday.

Makhadzi Mphelo, pictured, was invited by the ambassador, Nomvume Magaqu, and leaves Polokwane today for a seven-day stay.

A news presenter at SABC's Phalaphala FM in Polokwane, Mphelo said she began composing TshiVenda Afro-Jazz music in 2000.

Last year she was invited by the South African embassy in London to participate in another fund raising event.

"This will be my second international experience. People seem to appreciate that we are increasingly and actively promoting our cultural roots," she said.

Mphelo said she would put on all her Venda traditional attire to ensure that she promotes the language and culture fully .

Mphelo has three CDs with Venda lyrics and said she looks forward to coming up with more.