Toyi-toyi after school in the Khutsong crisis

The Khutsong crisis will damage pupils in the long run.

The Khutsong crisis will damage pupils in the long run.

Leaders must have a strategy when leading a community. All role players should be taken into consideration before engaging in strikes.

Pupils should be encouraged to go to school because the aim of the campaign is not higher school fees or anything related to school.

As much as the Khutsong community wants to be part of Gauteng, they should not involve pupils in the mass action. Good leaders are those who encourage pupils to learn and chant at the same time.

Pupils must go to school and after school they may join the toyi-toyi. This strategy will work well because they will achieve their objective without involving pupils.

During my days as a student at Technikon Northern Gauteng under SRC president Andrew Mathidza, demonstrations were carried out strategically.

Mathidza discouraged students from destroying technikon property and from disrupting examinations.

He said: "We must not destroy the technikon's property because tuition fees will be increased to cover expenses. Let's show them that we can learn and chant at the same time."

I urge the leaders in Khutsong to please tell the scholars to go back to classes because South Africa needs them to be good leaders of tomorrow.

Sello Nyama, Vlakfontein, GaMatlala