Beware of clingy women

Women are naturally intuitive. They are usually good at smelling trouble from a distance. Many can spot a bad partner for their brothers or sons from a distance.

Women are naturally intuitive. They are usually good at smelling trouble from a distance. Many can spot a bad partner for their brothers or sons from a distance.

So we asked some sisters how to spot a clingy partner.

Asiphe Madolo, sister of a 32-year-old traffic officer, says clingy women are self-centred and self-focused. She says this is obvious from the way they talk.

Madolo says such women are obsessed with getting married.

"She is the type of woman who had her whole life laid out like clockwork and with a time line. All she ever talks about is marriage and children. She likes to try on other people's rings and her favourite place is a jewellery shop. Her life is empty and she thinks that marriage will fill her life."

Nonjabulo Khoza says a man should be cautious of women who always look for fights (abooMshoza).

"Women who are threatened by other women usually pick fights with their boyfriends. She likes to show other women that she is in control.

"You will be able to tell if she is this type of a woman if she turns everything into a battle. Anything that anyone says is taken out of context and construed as a call to wage war against the world."

Khoza says this is an attention-seeking tactic and this type of a woman will make an angry and bitter wife.

She adds that another sign of clinginess is insecurity.

"The tiniest criticism and the most innocent of comments will have her dripping in tears. The man will spend his whole life apologising, saying sorry for all the things he did or didn't do, and just for coming into her life."

Khoza says these women are often suicidal sadists who love attention.

Siphokazi Ntombela believes a warning signal that a woman is clingy is when she is obsessed with tailored corporate suits, and constantly collects house plants.

"When a woman's wardrobe has nothing but tailored suits, you must know she is a woman on a mission. You know, those women who have an outfit to match every shoe?

"This is the kind of woman who covers up her body in the best garb because she feels naked. This type of woman will be a clingy partner.

"She always tries to surround herself with something, even if it's a faltering relationship."

Ntombela says other signs of clinginess are a woman who is obsessed with teddy bears with hearts, gospel CD collections that would shame a pastor and flowery bed covers.

"I understand there are many women out there who still feel as young on the inside as they did when they were toddlers, but what's with the teddy bears?"

Ntombela says this is a sign that a woman did not get enough love from her parents.

"She is weird and she's not a good idea as a partner. She is the obsessive kind. She will either bewitch a man with korobela, kill him or kill herself."

Sindi Matlakala of Melville says men must watch out for women who are gold diggers.She says they are manipulative and also tend to dictate to their partners.

"Everything about them looks perfect until you get to really know them.

"They have perfectly manicured nails and perfect make-up, they are party animals and they hang around with rich and influential people.

"They always ask guys for lifts and airtime and stay in townhouses they cannot afford.

"They are usually job hoppers too.

"Watch out for these signs. These girls are good at cleaning out people's pockets. They slowly seep the will to live out of you, so stay away," Matlakala says.