The truck finally stops here

Vincent Buthelezi's nightmare is finally over.

Vincent Buthelezi's nightmare is finally over.

Bramar Truck division has repaid Buthelezi's R114000 after a long battle.

Buthelezi had accused the company of selling him a defective truck in February. He said he withdrew his life's savings to start a trucking business.

But Buthelezi was in a hurry to secure the deal and did not make time to "do his homework".

Buthelezi said the truck he wanted to buy had visible defects, but the sales agent undertook to repair them within a week.

He also complained that he was not allowed to test drive the truck, but was assured that it would be in order when he collected it.

But a week later, the truck had not been repaired and he was told to take another truck, which cost R70000 more.

Buthelezi declined the offer and asked for his money back, but the company refused.

The owner of Bramar, known only as Derrick, finally agreed to refund Buthelezi his money.

Last Friday he gave Buthelezi a cheque for R114000. An excited Buthelezi said: "I will slaughter a goat to thank my ancestors for being with me during this trying time.

"Once the bank clears the cheque, I will invest it for two years and then decide how I can start a viable business."