Seatbelt campaign will reduce fatalities

Sowetan Reporter

Sowetan Reporter

Overestimating one's driving ability is the main reason why seatbelt usage is so low among young drivers and men of all ages, according to the Renault-sponsored Saved by the Belt programme.

Studies in the US have shown that alcohol, drugs and not wearing a seatbelt are key factors in the high fatality rates among these groups when they are involved in car accidents.

The organisation said that all drivers should keep in mind that accidents can be caused by someone else.

It does not matter how good a driver one is, it is worth wearing a seatbelt to protect yourself against other road users' mistakes.

Seatbelts are as much a protection against one's own mishaps as those caused by others.

The Saved by the Belt initiative is the brainchild of the Guild of Motoring Journalists' Committee for Active Road Safety (Cars) and is sponsored by Renault South Africa.

According to the Cars, the best drivers in the world do not venture on to race or rally tracks without putting on a seatbelt or harness.

The Schumachers and the Alonsos all use them.

Expert drivers are constant users of seatbelts even in their ordinary day-to-day motoring activities.

Motorists who owe their lives to having worn a seatbelt in a potentially fatal road accident are urged to register with the Saved by the Belt initiative by submitting a short description of their experience by way of e-mail to, or the Renault website, or the Guild's website at