But get paid regularly despite doing nothing

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

Two Limpopo teachers have allegedly been banking their monthly salaries without doing any work.

The teachers from Matsemela High School in GaMathabatha village outside Lebowakgomo have seldom reported to the school since last year.

The teachers would allegedly come to school for a day each fortnight to avoid being charged with misconduct or absconding.

According to the department's policy, any official who is absent for 14 consecutive days without a valid reason will be deemed discharged from his or her services.

However, their ploy has not worked as well as they might have hoped.

"As long as there is an indication of a pattern of absconding from work, even if it is not for 14 days, it remains serious misconduct," said Ndo Mangala, spokesman for the Education Department in Limpopo.

"Of grave concern is the fact that the two teachers were found guilty of a similar charge a few years ago. They had their salaries reduced as punishment.

"When this kind of behaviour by the same officials persists, we will be left with no option other than to take action against them," said Mangala.

Mangala said they were waiting for a report from the school's principal about the recent allegations against the teachers before taking action.

"How do you explain a situation where pupils fall behind in their syllabus because of teachers who neglect their responsibilities? I'm telling you heads will roll here," he said.

He called on teachers to put the education of their pupils above anything else.

According to a villager, who refused to be identified, the teachers were regular patrons at a local liquor-selling outlet.