Supergroup hits a bump in the service delivery road

Zweli Mokgata

Zweli Mokgata

More than two weeks have passed since we wrote about Tlala Motaung's problem with a truck he purchased from a dealership in the Supergroup stable. But the JSE-listed corporation has still not resolved the problems of the entrepreneur behind Motaung Creations.

"The truck has not made me a cent because it has been in for repairs ever since I bought it more than two months ago," Motaung said.

"It's very disappointing from such a big company, especially when they claim the product was brand new."

Motaung bought the Mercedes Benz Powerstar truck for about R675000 from the Supertruck and Cab company, a unit of Supergroup. The vehicle started to malfunction. At the beginning of February the truck was taken in and released more than four weeks later.

"We replaced the engine," said Supertruck sales representative Hennie Muller. "After that we only had to fix an idling problem."

Motaung is still not satisfied. "I am now asking for my money back. They have shown me that they are unreliable and I'd rather just cut my losses and buy a truck somewhere else."